Joy (cithra) wrote,

the afternoon's accomplishments

I've crankified the cat by attempting to take a nap - I lie down, she comes and lies down next to me, cleverly pinning me to the bed through a quirk of the way the covers are folded. Having become horizontal, all sleepiness of course departs, and after ten minutes or so - just giving Xiombarg a chance to get really settled in - I attempt to extricate myself without disturbing her. No luck, and I am treated to a disdainful sigh and an earful of muttered invective.

I went to see Bend it Like Beckham with grouchychris and faintheart. Delightful film, very well done. Deftly handles a multitude of themes without being heavy-handed, and is just flat-out fun without being naive.

Have managed to avoid shooting the irritating people with the whiny child currently using the pool under my windows. Despite this accomplishment being primarily successful due to my current lack of firearms, I nevertheless feel it worthy to be counted. I have summarily refrained from all possible types of ejecta, including bananas, pointed sticks, and very small rocks, all of which (in contrast to a high powered rifle with a sniper scope) are at hand. Yes, well. Maybe I'll give that nap another go...

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