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tales of the hirsute

I accidentally vacuumed up a piece of paper that I wanted to save, and in the course of rescuing it, discovered that the beater bar on my little bagless vacuum was a essentially a solid mass of hair. Joy hair, not Xiombarg hair. So apparently not all of my shed hair scampers off to clog the shower drain - nope, there is also a contingent that lurks around waiting to wrap itself around the vacuum cleaner works. Needless to say, performance is much improved since I went in with the scissors and surgically removed the collection. It was quite impressive - the layer of hair was as thick as the bristles on the beater bar are long, about 2 mm.

It's been a while since I had hair long enough to have to remember to worry about that sort of thing. It reminds me that my hair really does grow fairly fast. It must, for me to lose as much as I regularly do and still have any remaining on my head! or so it seems.

Bezoar appears to refer specifically to a mass found in the gastrointestinal tract. That's a word I learned from Mr. Gaiman, courtesy of Sandman, along with the more specific trichobezoar. I can't think of hairballs, be they feline or mechanically produced, without seeing that set of panels.

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