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Dragged myself into work yesterday to find I was giving a presentation. Good thing I wore a dress. Less good thing that I wore my red converse tennis shoes. It was in the computer lab, though, so I doubt many folks were looking at my shoes. The other computer-savvy person in the department had double-booked himself by accident, so I got to pick up the slack since the group in question were part of my customer base, and I'd actually scheduled the presentation in the first place.

Then I had coffee with Ben at Aurafice, after which I came home and did absolutely nothing. Well, I did a fair amount of mental dithering about a number of things, but I certainly didn't accomplish anything. Didn't even turn the computer on...

I discovered the other morning the wages of not wearing my glasses. I'm often in the kitchen without them, making coffee in the morning or some such. I noticed the plastic handle of the coffee pot looked odd, and on closer inspection had a little melted patch. I must have gotten it too close to one of the burners when I was boiling something - in fact I'm almost certain it is from the last time I steamed milk - the steamer has a footprint much smaller than the burner on that corner of the stove - so there's a fairly good-sized portion of the element simply exhausting heat into the air while the steam builds up...

The rain doesn't exactly help me want to move things... I think it may be time to reevaluate my Clever Plan, since I have so far failed to execute it. Going to go by this morning and check the mail at the very least. Take a few ultra-portable things, including the new shower curtain, a towel, some toiletries. Moving on the bus. Ye gods and little fishes...

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