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Rob Brezsny this week offers me Hawaiian names as part of my horoscope:

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Good news, Libra: You will continue to be the beneficiary of expansive cosmic energies. In last week's horoscope, I compared these gifts to the power of the spoken Hawaiian language to open the heart and eyes of those who hear
it. This time I propose several Hawaiian names for you to adopt as your own. They're all in alignment with your evolving destiny. You are hereby authorized to call yourself Kaohinani,* which means "gatherer of beautiful things." You may also refer to yourself as *Makaike,* "to see with keen powers of observation;" or *E'e'e,* "to keep climbing over everything, as an active child;" or *Wai-puhia,* "wind-blown water, especially the spray of a waterfall." (Thanks to the book *Hawaiian Names, English Names,* by Eileen Root.)

Any thoughts? He's been all about Hawaii the last couple of weeks...

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