Joy (cithra) wrote,

sequels: MahJongg & the Matrix

Today's sequel score: 1+, 1-

On the plus side, I saw the Matrix Reloaded. I liked. Messianic frock and all.

On the minus side: I used to like to play Shanghai (a tile-matching game using MahJongg pieces), but Activision has apparently dropped the franchise - you can still google links to extant pages on Activision's site about the game, but if you search on the site using the native search function you get nothing. So I was happy to run across Pretty Good MahJongg, and forked over my license fee before my free trial period had finished. That was 1.1.0, and I blissfully clicked away many potentially useful hours. Then I heard the siren upgrade song, and installed 1.11, which while fine at first has developed an annoying habit of freezing up. It doesn't crash the whole system, it just quits responding. Sigh. I'm in the process of inquiring with the support folks.

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