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Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ulysses and Carol's party was delightful, I should mention. We celebrated being northern european mongrels with varying degrees of Irish heritage and green attire. Lots of good food (of course - Ulysses == good food) starting with pancakes for breakfast through corned beef and cabbage with potatoes in the evening. (No, not for me - I subsisted on homemade rosemary bread and various Irish cheeses during the meat course.) Games and talking and hanging out - I had a really nice time.

I was in charge of Coffee! and coffee there was. Press pot and hand grinder - don't ask me why such a technophile as myself delights so much in being able to make coffee totally by hand, but I do. Yes, I used electricity to boil the water on the stove, but I think they would have complained had I set fire to their kitchen just to be ultra-primitive. I enjoy the fact that you get superior coffee from a method that is so ...basic.

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