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home with the crud

Ben claims it's the flu; I'm not so sure. Mine seems to be localized at the base of my throat - my voice comes and goes, and I'm a little congested. Things feel a little scratchy in the neighborhood of my epiglottis. But my sinuses have stayed pretty clear, and I'm not really coughing. I'm not running a fever, but I rarely run a fever unless I'm on the verge of dying - do you know what a pain that is? My temperature actually drops when I'm ill with most stuff. Fever is such a common diagnostic factor, just try convincing one of these over-the-phone pre-approval insurance hotline nurse folks that you're actually sick if you're not running a fever. At least after having the same physician for a few years, now that she's seen me show up a number of times obviously ailing with a temperature somewhere between 96.5 F and normal (98.6 F), she doesn't mark me down as faking - excuse me, being a hypochondriac. Not that Diane ever did - but while I was growing up, or when I'd see Dr. Random-on-call at the university health clinic, it was more of a problem.

Anyway, the zinc lozenges seem to help. So does napping. Ah, napping...

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