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coming soon to a media outlet near you...

Looking into my crystal ball, I see... I see...

Complaints about martial law and the use of force by the 'occupying invaders' in Iraq. Probably from the same people who were recently bemoaning how the various troops stood by and watched the looting and destruction without doing anything.

As personally annoying as I find it, I keep reminding myself that these are people who have not been allowed to complain for a very long time. It will take a while for that to work itself out, I think.

[Not to mention that there is such a diversity of opinion due to the complexity of the situation that if you talk to ten people on the streets of Baghdad you'll get ten different opinions about what and how much should be being done by whom - so you interview a few folks, pick yourself a suitably juicy and inflammatory sounding lead quote, and off you go to sell some more newspapers.]

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