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..this is only a drill...

A national anti-terrorism drill, no less. TOPOFF2 (the media site has a click-here-to-enter photo I find oddly chilling) gives Seattle its radioactive day in the sun.

I was a wee bit concerned at first; the PR I'd seen until yesterday morning all said the faux bomb was going to be set off at Tully's, failing to mention they meant the plant (the former Rainier Brewery) and not some random retail location. I'd heard nothing through the facilities network for our building, so I wasn't certain whether it would affect us or not - my building is in the downtown core, where Tully's (well, coffee shops in general) are thick on the ground. I was content to learn that we were not participating, and that the focus of the action would be farther south.

I'd put it out of my mind successfully enough, actually, that when I encountered one of the triage centers set up in the Virginia Mason parking lot it startled me for a moment. Big transport trucks, tents, gear, yellow caution tape, people in camo... simultaneously I noticed the news crew and remembered reading about that type of setup.

I suppose it was a useful startle - the fact that I live as close to Pill Hill as Capitol Hill or downtown is a good one to remember when thinking about disaster prep.

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