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all the news. in fits.

fit 1

The iron supplements seem to be helping. Or the dizzy spells have gone away on their own. I plan to continue the iron pills anyway - at least until someone orders a hematocrit or I am allowed to give blood, or the like. What's four more pills a day? Brings the total up to a mere 14. That's nothing, nothing. I look forward to a long and tedious life of medication swallowing based on family history. Twice what I'm taking would begin to be onerous, maybe. Give me a couple of years...

fit 2

I managed to construct some fairly passable bean dip using refritos, Tabasco sauce, and fajita seasoning. (Yes, the fajita seasoning I've used the past couple of batches of chili for Silver Mist.) I was merely aiming for 'not-bland', but I actually hit 'tasty'. Wonders never cease.

fit 3

Apparently when I turned in the maintenance request about my soap dish having come off the shower wall, I failed to clarify that I wanted it reattached rather than simply removed. Really, if all I'd wanted were to get rid of it, I could have accomplished it under my own power.

fit 4

Sigh. I must have offended the Postal Demons in a past life. At least here it's a new trick - instead of not getting my mail, I get my mail plus the mail for the woman in #706. It wouldn't be such a pain in the ass if there were any convenient way to put it somewhere for her to get where it wouldn't be overlooked. Maybe I'll start storing a roll of scotch tape in my mail box. I can tape her letters to the outside of her box, and if the mail carrier asks why the tape the incident should help their memory, with luck. One thin letter I can sort of wedge under the door of the box until it stays, but today there were two.

fit 5

Trying to decide if I want to brave the Vogue tomorrow night to see Voltaire. The show is supposed to be done by midnight, but I've heard that before. On the other hand, I could use some entertainment. Who needs sleep? (no, that's Barenaked Ladies - there's a guy who's been awake since the Second World War...)

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