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I'd be happy to recycle my recyclables if I could find the thrice-damned recycling bins!

We get letters from management, urging us to recycle - understandable, since that reduced their trash-collection costs. There is a sign posted next to the trash chute, saying not to put cardboard boxes down the chute (they get stuck, and the chute backs up) but to please take them to the recycling bins at the door to the 7th floor of the garage. Ok, fine. Last month, a shiny new recyclables collection bag showed up in my mailbox, along with instructions and encouragement and so forth. Great, just dandy.

There's only one problem. I live on the seventh floor, and if there is a door to the garage on my hallway, I can't find it. I suppose I could try going out to the car entrance/exit and waiting until someone opens the gates driving in/out, then dart into the 7th floor garage that way, but that seems ridiculous as well as dangerous considering some of the driving habits I've observed in fellow tenants.

I suppose I'll have to call the management and ask them how one gets from the seventh floor of the residential portion of the building to the seventh floor of the garage, which really sounds like the stupidest question ever. That or go back to gasp not recycling, as I don't really generate that much trash in the general sense to begin with. I already have to haul my garbage either up to the 8th floor to use the trash chute, as there is no chute opening on the 7th floor.

Oh, and lest the full insanity of this place's architecture go unappreciated, let me remind people that I live on the ground floor. Yes, the 7th floor of this building is street level. Even better, the only floors with apartments are the 5th thru 9th. I don't know what is on the 3rd and 4th floors, as taking the elevator there opens on blank concrete walls. No, there isn't a 1st or 2nd floor button in the elevator, either. I'm sure I don't understand - my wild-ass guess is it has something to do with the hotel that abuts our building, with which we share the pool/spa/exercise room complex. Was the whole thing originally slated to be hotel, with this end of things being long-term suite or executive housing? Who knows. It's just weird. And immensely irritating at times like this.

Ask faintheart about the first time he visited me here for corroboration. Hell, ask anyone who's come by with whom I haven't been quick enough to tell them not to take the 1st elevator to the 7th floor, but to go down to the elevator at the end of the hall, since the main elevator doesn't go anywhere you can get to here from.

Maybe that's the solution - take the recycling up to 8, then back down to 7 using the other elevator, which if I remember correctly does let you out in a garage. Grief and pains, could this get to be any more of a pain in the ass? Maybe if I had to crawl through a field of broken glass and hot coals on the way...

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