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weekend wrap-up

Just to finish the story - since I promised/threatened - we ended up staying at the club until about 3:30 a.m. or so, then grabbed some food at QFC and retired to my domicile. I didn't look at the clock, but it was probably 5ish when we turned in.

Sunday we got up and went to the Endless Knot warehouse sale. Twice a year they usually have this, and you can get their wonderful, flowy clothes that normally cost upwards of $50 - $70 or more for between $7-$25. It's also just fun to go and try things on - it's very informal, the entire room sort of serves as a dressing room (men are requested to stay by the door, so the shyer folk tend to congregate at the far end of the room. It was an interesting exercise in self-image for me, accepting comments on how various outfits looked from people I didn't know and responding in kind to their requests. My only complaint was that I was looking mostly for skirts, and size-wize in their clothes I fall into a Large. The majority of the clothing they had was sized S/M and M/L, then XL, 2X, 3X. If it was a separate top, an M/L fit fine, usually, though some styles were a little tight in the shoulders. In the dresses, an M/L fit fine in all but the most sheath-like designs. In the separate skirts, alas, an M/L was just snug enough to make me uncomfortable (I like loose skirts, especially if they're a straight/broomstick style) and the XL was enough larger that the waistband wouldn't stay up. Plus there weren't many XL skirts left on Day 3 of the sale... I found a dress and one grey skirt, Sharkins came home with quite the haul.

The afternoon I spent with my Mom and brother faintheart. We took a lovely drive around western and southern Seattle, just looking at houses and scenery and such. It's not quite the same as going for a drive out around the peninsula, but pleasant none the less. Actually, it's probably more like a drive around the peninsula nowadays than I'd like to admit, if Silverdale is any example.

Thus I failed to attend MiKeK's party celebrating failure. Somewhat appropriate, that action, I should think. Probably just as well - he mentioned in passing that the failure I should celebrate (the idea being if you reward yourself when you fail, it won't be such a scary proposition to risk failure, since you thus get a reward either way) was failing to get into grad school. Except I don't view that as a failure, especially not on my part. I applied; they didn't accept my application, for whatever their reasons were. Maybe it's a small difference, but I found the assumption that it was a failure on my part to be just annoying enough to demotivate me from trying to find a ride to Bellingham and back. Plus Sunday afternoon is not the best of times in my schedule for an out-of-town party, I've usually got a few things I need to do before the workweek starts that I've let languish.

That's about it for the weekend, I think.

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