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a day of film

Started the day at the SIFF volunteers meeting. I can't decide if they are better organized than your average concom, but they're certainly better fed. Having sponsors like QFC, Starbucks and Noah's Bagels can be nice...

The best thing? Running into a friend I haven't seen for (quite literally) years. Last I heard from her she was in France - now she's the office guru for the kino folks. Far too busy at the meeting to do other than say 'hi' - but we exchanged email addresses, so that shall soon be remedied. And yes, that ever-so-odd occurrence of wondering "gee, I wonder what [name] is up to these days?" right before running into that very person took place last Friday at Norwescon whilst reminiscing about cons gone by. Go figure - the universe is an entertaining place sometimes.

Then I met faintheart downtown for a matinee of Identity. I'm happy I saw this early in its run, before I'd heard much about it. I enjoyed it - I was afraid I wouldn't at first, especially after about a third of the way in, when I thought I'd figured out what was going on. I was right, but I was wrong too. John Cusack just gets better and better, he's always a treat to watch.

Much more discussion would involve spoilers of varying degrees; it is a mystery after all. It has flaws, but was worth the matinee price, certainly. Parts of it I found particularly affecting - I may come back to those later depending, when some of the less discrete reviews have tipped more memes into the atmosphere.

Previews of note:
  • Saw a preview for the next Matrix movie that was cleverly disguised as an ad for PowerAde. Or maybe it was a Powerade ad cleverly disguised as a Matrix trailer. It really was quite the perfect blend of the two.

  • 28 Days Later is a post-apocalyptic plague movie, it seems, that despite my lack of interest in zombie movies I will probably end up seeing. Danny Boyle directs - Shallow Grave is a favorite of mine, and I can't watch Trainspotting anymore because of the kitten. (Too much crying. Including right now.) So I'll see it on Boyle's merits, and because I have this end-of-the-world thing.

  • SWAT - pluses: Samuel Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Farrell; minuses: we've seen this movie before - band of [military/paramilitary/police/firefighters/girlscouts] must be welded into a team to fight [terrorists/drug dealers/evil dictators/keebler elves] amidst explosions and artillery fire. It's listed on IMDB as being still in production - I hope they clean up their CGI before it hits the streets.

  • something called Cabin Fever which I will avoid if at all possible

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Even Jerry Bruckheimer's involvement can't keep me away from this one - plus he's only the producer. I knew Orlando Bloom was involved - I did not know Johnny Depp was until this afternoon's trailer. Can't promise it'll be good, but it looks like fun.

  • Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle... I missed the first one, probably will pass on this one as well. I did like the turncoat villain's line "I don't take orders from a speaker phone any more" - but I'm fairly certain that's the high point of the film, so I've just saved myself $11 or however much tickets will be by the end of June.

Any other previews faintheart will have to recall, that's all I can dredge out of my brain.

Now I'm sitting here considering whether I want to watch one of the Netflix DVDs I've got sitting around...

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