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shock and awe, part II

Today was actually a half-way decent day, at work. Do you know why, O Best Beloved? Because I got to use my brain as something more than ballast, doing something that I like to do and am good at. I'd damn near forgotten what it feels like.

I'm serious, for once. I was bouncing around my cubicle, putting things away and locking up in preparation to go home, and I caught myself wondering what I was so happy about. I wasn't considering with dread how shortly I would be returning the next day. I wasn't exactly anticipating coming back tomorrow with glee, but considering how much of a struggle it has been lately just to show up it's a huge step. "Lately" in this case can be interpreted to be approximately the past 18 to 36 months, though it's been up and down over that time period, of course.

I'm 'the reports guru.' I can live with that...

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