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Spent most of yesterday at Norwescon, even going so far as to pay for the privilege in spite of the majority of the occupation taking place in the bar. That sounds a good deal more grudging than it was, actually. These days I go for a little while and pay, making up for the days when the reverse was true.

From the superannuated department: I should have known better than to mark the "I've moved since the last Norwescon I attended" box. I should have lied and marked "This is my first Norwescon" because I knew neither of those questions were what they were really asking.

Registrar: Is this your first... [notices box I've marked] oh. [typing sounds]
Me: No, but it's been a while since I've attended.
R: (puzzled) You're not in the database. [parses what I said] Well, I'll just look under your last name, then. [more typing]
Me: (wondering what she'd been searching under before) No really, it's been five or six years. I'm pretty sure I'm not in there.
R: (muttering to self) [typing sounds] I'll just put you in, anyway.
Me: (wondering if there isn't a better time to be doing data entry than while people are standing in line waiting to register) um, okay.

For all of that, I've probably moved five or six times since last attending the actual event to the extent I needed to register.

I'll probably write some more later. It was nice to see the people who saw me; it was entertaining to see the people who didn't see me; and it was shadenfreudelicious to see the people who wouldn't see me. [c.f. "problematic" a while back]

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