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book report: Brown Girl in the Ring

quixoticfish sent me Nalo Hopkinson's lovely novel Brown Girl in the Ring - I got the package out of my mailbox yesterday morning on the way to breakfast, then came home and devoured it that afternoon. The tough thing is it's registered as a BookCrossing book, so now I have to decide how to send it on. I might hang onto it for a little while, though. It's definitely worth a re-reading.

Hopkinson's name is familiar to me - probably because she taught a session at Clarion West the year before last or so, and she's a Clarion (East/unmarked) graduate. Lisa said she reminded her of Octavia Butler & Laurel K. Hamilton - more of the former than the latter for me, though I think I can see the why of both.

I found the book exciting in part because it's good, but it's also her first novel, which means the potential for her later works to be even better as she settles in to her stride. I was also fascinated because it explores a cultural background I'm not very familiar with: Afro-Caribbean-Canadian. Which meant there were lots of little details of differences in perspective for me to love.

This is definitely a positive recommendation, meaning that if/when I launch this copy out into the aether I'll probably go buy another of my very own.

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