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Going toe to toe with the universe -

so far, we're trading blows but I refuse to be daunted. Meaning I may (finally, maybe, please?) be climbing out of a long-term depressive episode.

For example, I discovered this afternoon when collecting the keys and signing the lease for my new apartment (yay!!) that the fax I got from the manager a week ago, with my address and the numbers to call to set up utilities and so forth, had a typo. So I've blithely spent the last week changing my address to that of a non-existent apartment in the building across the street from where I'm actually planning to move. Now I have to run around and change everything with everyone again, from USPS to Bitch.

Six months ago something like that would have devastated me. At the moment I'm thinking "what a pain in the ass!" and "oh well, at least I'm already used to not getting my mail!" Who knows what sort of dangerously giddy optimism I'll find myself indulging in next?

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