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Items of interest lately encountered:
  • Rivers and Tides - a very mellow documentary about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. It was a little slow-moving, but given the nature of his art - environmental pieces that are often quite ephemeral - the pace was appropriate. He works with natural materials, usually found on-site - leaves, twigs, driftwood, stones, wool, feathers, water... Some pieces have longer lives that others, particularly the walls or arches of stone; they're all ultimately fleeting, however, and executed without thought or effort toward preservation outside of any naturally occurring tendency to such inherent in a structure. A stone cairn will have a longer life than a river pool filled with dandelions, or a sculpture made of icicles. I was enthralled - if I had ever encountered the gentleman or his works before I might have been less fascinated, but kudos to grouchychris for the suggestion (he, faintheart and myself saw it this afternoon).

  • A Mighty Wind, the latest film from Christopher Guest & his crew. Another "mocumentary", this time skewering the folk music scene/establishment drily and deftly. The tunes were damn catchy, dead-on genre-wise, and written/sung by the cast members themselves - I was impressed. I got a pass to a preview the other night as a Cinema Seattle member - it opens to general relase on Wednesday, I believe. The only downside of the evening was waiting in line before the show, standing in front of a group of east-siders who bitched and moaned non-stop for 45 minutes about the length of the line, people there from their movie group, people there from other movie groups, parking, lack of parking, people who used canes to gain an advantage by going to the head of the line, people who had the audacity to save a place in line for their date/friends... Plus they kept crowding into me in an effort to get me to close up the space in line in front of me, a manoever that would have placed them a full three inches closer to the door! If we'd been waiting much longer I probably wouldn't have been able to restrain myself from rounding on them and observing how they had exceedingly elaborate expectations for something they were getting gratis. Fortunately I was able to seat myself far away from them, though every so often during a lull in the crowd noise as people were getting settled I continued to hear them complain. The movie itself was great fun.

  • the Mars Bar and Venus Cafe - on Eastlake. Stopped there for dinner yesterday with Ulysses and Carol. It's a cute little place with really good food, though the wait was a trifle long. They seemed a little understaffed - our waitress was a cutie and handled things with aplomb, but she seemed to be the only waitstaff there, on a busy Saturday night. I had what was listed as "Mac-and-cheese" but was actually rotinni pasta with three kinds of cheese and a butter garlic sauce that was a far cry from the standard elbows-and-cheddar (which I'm quite fond of as well).

  • Phuket (pronounced foo-kay - it's one of the Thai islands, not a clever re-spelling of an expletive) - a lovely Thai restaurant in lower Queen Anne, on the same block as the Uptown Theatre. The food was good, and it has an open kitchen, so you can watch the chefs work their magic while you wait. I tend to take that sort of thing as a good sign.

And so, to bed.

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