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warning: a war note

All question of 'should' aside, it can't work both ways. Either the US/UK troops can police things, or the Iraqi people can govern themselves.

So far the self-governance hasn't worked out too well - the looting has gotten pretty ugly. I see articles bemoaning the lack of action on the part of the troops - but if they had done anything, you know there'd be all sorts of outcry about the horrible imposition of martial law by the occupying invaders, and so forth.

I know, I'm being harsh and reductionist about a complex, messy and volatile situation. It's far too easy for me to pronounce from on high on the basis of nth hand information. For all of that, the looters may be more of the Syrians and other foreign nationals who've been coming into the country to fight the Great Satan. Considering the wholesale destruction of things like the electrical grid and water systems, I have to wonder if it's sabotage, or are people really that stupid?

It ticks me off to see the blame being laid on the troops for not doing anything than on the looters for their reprehensible behavior in the first place. Humans, bah.

Edit: Ok, I guess I have to take my 'bah' back, there is some good, and some good news: they have found seven of the US soldiers who were POWs, alive and mostly mobile.

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