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How's this for annoying spam bullsh*t: a site that won't take you OFF their list unless you reply to their confirmation email, "for my protection". I didn't sign up for the thrice-damned thing in the first place, and now you're making me take an extra step to stop getting your annoying piece of crap? Who let these assholes on the net, worse, who gave them my email address? Like I'll ever find that out.

Oh, it's, sending me the What Women Want Newsletter. What this particular woman wants is not to get any more stupid email from you twits. I am so tired of being told what I want - that's a rant for another day, though.

I grant that I'm aware of the philosophy that one shouldn't reply to spam, since it only indicates a live address. But at this point they are already acting as though they know this is a live address, so what do I have to lose?

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