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This has been the longest-seeming day. Normally one of the reasons I don't mind conference calls, no matter how dull, is they tend to eat up the day and make it go faster. Not today.

This particular call was a doozy. All about what to do if there is a hazmat issue and we need to "shelter in place". People are freaking out, even though it's essentially the earthquake drill with a side of duct tape. You know, stay put so shit doesn't fall on you, vs. stay put so you don't breathe shit - pretty damn equivalent. California people who know better than to try to go outside in an earthquake situation getting up in arms about not being able to leave and go to get their kids. Who, after all, would be in lockdown as well anyway so they'd be stuck outside amidst whatever toxins prompted the warning in the first place, pounding on the door.

They're calling it a 'Brown Alert'. How's that for poetry? I forbore to ask if it was based on the state of the participant's trousers. I imagine it's more the fact that the terrorism folks already snapped up ROYGB of the spectrum (and who'd worry about a purple alert, I ask you?), or a supposed reference to dirty air/water/surroundings.

Why there has to be a color involved I certainly don't know. Like we're ever going to see Blue in our lifetimes, and there's already been discussion of not going to red even during an attack, for fear of widespread panic that might result. Mind you, this is the administration that came up with a traffic light system to talk about whether agencies were in compliance with standards issued by the White House, leading me to believe they're overly enamored of oversimplification by bells and whistles. That or frustrated fashion designers.

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