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a paean to Quaker

I like instant oatmeal. Yes, it's hardly the gourmet breakfast food, but it is easy to prepare, especially when the idea of food makes me vaguely ill. I can make it with my brain on autopilot, and I'm often already boiling water for coffee. I can make some knowing that when it is ready to eat I'll likely even be interested in eating it.

It's inoffensive enough that I can at least eat enough to keep from making myself ill when I do get hungry. Often what is making me feel vaguely nauseated is hunger. At these times, if I wait until I actually really feel hungry, I tend to eat too much/too fast and make myself sick. This is part of why I tend to eat a lot of crackers, or what I think of as 'serial foods' (vs. cereal foods) - I can eat a cracker or two, put them aside, eat a couple more later, etc. without ever getting so hungry that I overeat.

The other nice thing about the oatmeal is I share it with the cat. She gets the bowl when I'm done. We both really only prefer one flavor - the Maple and Brown Sugar from Quaker, and woe betide me if I get experimental and offer Xiombarg the left overs from, say, Cinnamon and Spice. I wish I could hone my withering look of scorn to such precision!

So, unless I'm meeting folks for breakfast somewhere, that's what I usually eat in the morning with my coffee. I'm not sure why I was thinking about this so much this morning, but there you go.

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