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I steal a lot of these from rimrunner

1. What does your first name mean?
intense happiness
2. What does your middle name mean?
it's a form of Mary, I believe
3. What does your last name mean?
counselor/wolf by one interpretation; technicolor yawn by another
4. So what does your name mean when put together?
some kind of religious delight in regurgitation? um...
5. What would you have been named if you were the opposite gender?
I think Theodore George, like my next-youngest brother
6. Any other name oddities?
I was named Joy because my parents had been trying to successfully reproduce for five years, and they were ecstatic I survived to term, barring a few minor anomalies
7. Do you like your name?
My first name, yes. Well, except in December, when every would-be wag extant thinks calling me "Joy to the World" is the acme of humor. My middle name I find rather dull, not to mention extremely common. My last name has been nothing but trouble from day 1. Either people were swapping my first and last names (accidentally or on purpose) or they were making puking jokes.
8. What do you like best about it?
It's reasonably unusual, short, and fairly easy to spell.
9. What do you like least about it?
How a large number of people hear/assume it's short for "Joyce".
10. If you HAD to change your name (witness protection program, whatever), what would you want it to be?
Jess Morgan, short for Jessica. Somewhat gender ambiguous, short and to the point, uses at least some of the initials I have now.

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