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When insomnia strikes...

*my father thinks I am: don't know - he's passed on.
*my mother thinks I am: bright but confused.
*my siblings think I am: a pain in the ass.
*my grandma thinks I am: doomed to stray. (The one I knew is dead, but she wrote things down.)

*three best qualities = intelligence, perception, craft
*three worst qualities = complacency, stubborn pettiness, jealousy
*three things you are often complimented for = making things work, finding information, vocabulary
*you get embarrassed when = I forget something obvious
*makes you happy = nature, authenticity
*upsets you = hypocrisy

yes or no..
*you keep a diary = yes, offline & on.
*you like to cook = no
*you have a secret you have not shared with anyone = probably not. I manage to keep other people's secrets; my own, not so much.
*you talk in your sleep = yes. Enough so that it occasions regular comment.
*you set your watch a few minutes ahead = no.
*you believe in love = ask me again in a year or three

~movie you bought = Ghost in the Shell
~CD you bought = Tori Amos, Scarlet's Walk
~person you've called = Garyq
~person that's called you = amnotsurly
~person you were thinking of = what are the odds of this not being a repeat of the immediately prior answer? I don't get it.

~you wish you could live somewhere else = sometimes. For a while, it might be nice - though I tend to envision myself in the PNW for the majority of my life.
~you believe in online dating = "believe in"? *snort* Has it worked for me? no. Has it worked for people I know? yes. Do I cherish hope it will result in me meeting the love of my life? No more nor less than any other possible venue... which is to say, no.
~you want more piercings = maybe. Considering replacing some I've had in the past, at least.
~you want more tattoos = yes. Need to find artist to work with on a long-term basis...
~you drink = on occasion
~you do drugs = only by prescription
~you smoke = no
~you like cleaning = I get satisfaction from it, on a certain level - but I wouldn't say I like it, per se.
~you like roller coasters = only as much as I like vertigo, nausea and public regurgitation.
~you write in cursive or print = an idiosyncratic combination of the two
~you carry a donor card = sort of? Meaning my state ID says "organ donor".

have you..
~ever cried over a guy = yes, multiple occasions. and over girls.
~ever lied to someone = constantly - in fact I'm lying right now.
~ever been in a fist fight = not since grade school
~ever been arrested = no

~are you scared of = pain, mostly.

~of times I have been in love? too many, or not at all - depending on your criteria
~of times I have had my heart broken? enough
~of boys I have kissed? fewer than most
~of girls I have kissed? more than some
~of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? None, really - when I quit going to Norwescon I stopped seeing the one guy I'd kept at all in touch with.
~of CDs' that I own? probably around 300
~of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? more than three, less than ten. Mostly when I was in high school.
~of things in my past that I regret? none, really. Go figure... embarrassing things, yes. stupid things, yes. Regretful things? certainly nothing that haunts me on a daily basis.

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