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calling all net geeks...

Can someone with a better knowledge of the actual hardware and software requirements of the so-called "cable modem" protocols explain to me why AT&T Broadband insists
We are unable to transfer the old login/email address to the new account. Once service has been installed at the new address you will have to select a new primary login name and email address. Creating a new primary login ensures account integrity and security.

I've asked them and they simply parrot back a slightly differently worded version of the same sentance. Which doesn't tell me why, it only tells me what they've decided. It seems counter-intuitive. It makes me just cranky enough to reconsider the extra $40 a month going back to DSL would cost...
Of course, that requires wading through a bunch of research to find out who's still viable in the world of DSL providers - I don't need an ISP, I have one I'm quite happy with in Zipcon. I just need someone to connect me to them, and I know just enough to be dangerous. So any DSL provider recommendations folks have would be welcome as well.

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