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the plural of apocalypse

More symbolic dreams. The clothes on the skeleton change, but the underlying theme remains the same: things are not what they seem, or seemed.

This week the players have been an ex-boyfriend, Andrew Eldritch moonlighting as a high school math teacher, my landlord, some of the ex-patriot Bellinghampsters, and the Seattle police department. The story remains the same - revisiting some venue or event in my past only to discover the behind-the-scenes differences from what I thought was going on at the time.

Still and all, I do tend to amuse myself: can you imagine Andrew Eldritch teaching high school math, here in the US? Never mind that in my dream the classroom was located such that I found it while trying to repair a leaking water heater in my basement - I accidentally broke through some soggy drywall and there it was.

I file the whole genre under anxiety dreams, mostly.

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