October 26th, 2011


a fleeting view of day 6

First day on full dose. Stiffness and need-to-strechiness in my muscles.

Pshrink session went pretty well. A couple things came up that I swear I had already mentioned, but it's easy to lose track, and if it didn't make it into her notes (as it might not have) it wasn't the sort of thing to make an impression.

Got blood drawn for a number of tests, including monitoring liver enzymes for the naltrexone. (Correlation is not causality; the population taking naltrexone is often traveling with well-battered livers to begin with so there's no guarantee it's the naltrexone elevating the levels, but I don't object to keeping an eye on things and I was about due for an albumin panel anyway.)

Went to the Zoo in the afternoon with uly and saw lions and tigers, meerkats and red pandas, and a very friendly donkey (which might have gotten smuggled home had we not been driving a 2-seater convertible. cjo, you can thank me later.) The day turned really gorgeous, sunny if a touch cool; my favorite weather.

Happy belated birthday to uly & grouchychris, since this is going to post on the 26th in spite of being about the 25th.

Which reminds me to add wakefulness to the side-effects list and bring it all full circle.

day 7 before it gets away from me

Tired-but-not-sleepy last night, to the detriment of my attempt at a normal bed-time. Awoke with serious muscle stiffness and actual leg pain, but both eased after I got up. Which arising was later than usual (O why, why, why does my body think the hours from 6am to 11am, more or less, are the best times for sleeping? I have never understood this, but that's when I get the deepest, most refreshing sleep. At least I'm used to it.) so won't help with tonight, and threw my meds regimen about two hours off. Also a definite metallic taste in my mouth continues, and a vague restlessness that continues to be at odds with the lethargy, when I think about it. Well, the literature did not lie, as incongruous as the combo seemed when I read it.

I was tired enough that I couldn't face making coffee, and staggered my way over to Bottega Italiana for their morning special of $1.25 for any size drip coffee before 10am. Also a pumpkin cream cheese muffin that was amazing. Hung out there doing the crossword puzzle and becoming human for a bit, then returned home to entertain myself by melting the cats with the fireplace. It's just turned cold enough to run the fireplace regularly, and so now the cats are trading off each trying to find the best warm spot and oust the other from it. At least it means I have to remove Puc from my corner of the couch before sitting down much less frequently.

I'm about to head out for an evening grocery run to Trader Joe's via Zipcar with Ted. My mental acuity is feeling sporadic, so I've printed out a grocery list from their Frequent Flyer and made additions in pen. I need shoes, and to pick out a coat, and to stop typing about and start doing things.
Exeunt Joy and all the voices in her head.