November 18th, 2010



I've been quiet, trying to write as well as just having a life that is pretty dull in the reporting. Get up, feed cat(s), make coffee, check email, do some writing, do some reading, chat with faintheart when he gets home from work & watch some shows of an evening, sleep. Very little drama, which I like, but which doesn't make for much that feels like I urgently need to share it.

We did increase the number of cats by one, welcoming Puc into our household. He is one of the kitties canyonwren mentioned as available to adopt and he seems to be settling in well. He and Lucy seem comfortable with each other and are currently in détente mode - which I define as each making sure the other doesn't get more attention/food/cat-tree-time than the other. I am pretty certain that in a week or two they will be bosom pals, although Puc is clearly more extroverted, and Lucy often just watches him playfully tearing around the house madly with one eyebrow raised.

I still love that we are now living by Greenlake; there is tons of stuff to do even if I don't do that much of it. I will get there! In the meantime, I'm pretty content. It's a nice feeling, and since I'm often motivated to post by discontent, I thought I'd share the warm fuzzies.