November 4th, 2010


today is better

Ok, not that much of today has passed at 8ish in the morning, but even though I still have headache and other mild illness symptoms, my mood is definitely improved. Coffee helps, as has being able to stay on track with my Nanowrimo output in spite of the depressive down-spike.

I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist - conspiracies take organization and secrecy, while humans are chaotic and like to talk, and Murphy's law can seem a lot like deliberate malfeasance when you are suffering the brunt of it - but, as in personally disheartening elections of the past I have yet to encounter anyone who claims to have voted FOR all the people elected & the measures that passed (or against those that didn't). Have I shut myself up in an echo chamber where I only hear from people Just Like Me? Not if my daily irritation levels are any sort of indication. If the majority voted for the results as given, odds are I would find myself running across one or two of them, at least, I would think. They can't all be stashed in the heartland, because we are talking Washington State-level issues. Just thoughts.