July 15th, 2010


my people know me

One of the delightful things that happened over the last week was having two of my friends independently recommend the novel Black Blade Blues by J. A. Pitts. I had picked it up as soon as I could after publication because I'd heard John talk about it at the Rainforest Writers Village retreat - not only did it sound cool but I like to try and put my few book-buying dollars toward the support of authors I know and like, especially fellow retreat alumni.

I devoured the book with delight, and handed it off to my brother, who also enjoyed it. I read it in the middle of reading a slew of first-novels, and it was a standout in terms of solid quality writing in the service of story-telling. If you like fantasy, or urban fantasy, I definitely recommend it.

The most delightful aspect of the recommendations for me, though, was when we all happened to be together discussing the book, and their shared flash of insight that it was a book I would appreciate. To paraphrase: "Lesbian blacksmiths - of course we thought of you, Joy!" Heh. I'd been thinking I'd like to find another smithing class to take as a result of reading BBB, too.

I'll take a minute here to plug the Rainforest Writers Village specifically. It's a great chance to get away and focus on writing, in the company of others dedicated to the same thing. I have learned so much in the two times I've been able to go - not just from the scheduled talks, but also from just hanging out with other writers, writing. I've met so many cool people. It's a fantastic program, in a magnificently inspiring setting, and there is still room to sign up for the second session.