February 5th, 2010



I am sure there are more frustrating things in the world, but right now I have a pdf file which purports to be fillable, and yet nothing I type into the appropriate places shows up. I've printed it out, and can fill it in by hand, certainly. But the lure of having a neatly typewritten copy, combined with the annoyance of "what am I doing wrong!?!" is just enough to make me want to keep coming back to poke at the problem. It's a document that has been revised at least 12 times over a number of years - and therefor who knows how many iterations of Reader and Acrobat, so I'm perfectly aware that it may well not BE anything I'm doing or even anything in my control. However. Still. Frustrating. I swear, the better I get at dealing with my depression, the more I find myself in OCD-land and places like unto.