November 6th, 2008


rant rant rant

Like Dorothy to Oz, I have been caught up and dispatched by the whirlwind, to LA, although with (hopefully) fewer incidents of manslaughter.

Huh. My life, when it changes, seems to like doing so with a capital C. Not to mention I love this as another manifestation of the universe's bizarre and perverse sense of humor; I always said I'd never live in LA. Just like I said I'd never live in Seattle...

I don't have a permanent address quite yet, but I am no longer at Place of Grace in Lake Elsinore. So if you could hold any snail-mail items you might have been contemplating convincing the US Post Office to cart my way it would probably be better for all concerned. All my online haunts, however remain the same, as does my phone number if you have it.

In the other news of the moment, I am as hopeful as I've ever been in the last four years since I saw the election returns retaining the Torture King (aka GWB) for a second term. It remains to be seen how deep the damage and sabotage runs, and the current crew has enough time before they leave to plant some serious booby-traps and landmines. It also remains for Obama to follow through, and for those of us who elected him to follow through as well.

Sadly, Utah managed to buy the Prop 8 vote here in California, so us dangerous queer-folk won't be causing more wholesale havoc or destruction by daring to marry each other in pairs that don't include only one man and one woman. Which is pretty entertaining if you happen to know that the LDS Church, one of if not the major backer of the legislation, teaches that marriages in their perfected form, in the afterlife (aka Heaven), are plural - which is to say one man, 1+n women. Or wait, has that gotten conveniently revised a la the oh-so-timely revelation that Black men could hold the highest priesthood authority after all in 1978, when it became clear that ideas of racial equality were entrenched enough in the culture that they faced some serious backlash if they continued to disbar them for being the Children of Cain and so hereditary murderers. Talk about holding on to a resentment!

It's also funny because I am guessing that their campaign brought about the very horror it was promoted to prevent - educating children about gay marriage. You couldn't turn sideways without tripping over a pro-8 ad in the week prior to the election, all of them whinging about the schools teaching children about gay marriage if their bigotry wasn't enacted into law. (Yup, I am biased toward my right to marry who I want regardless of plumbing or chromosomal accident, go figure.) Me, as a child, seeing those ads would have immediately sparked my curiosity about what the hell the problem was with this so-called gay marriage.

I still haven't been able to get anyone to sit down and explain to me in words of one syllable EXACTLY what harm is being caused to hetero marriages by same-sex couples getting married instead of domestically partnered. I've gotten pettifoggery and doomsaying nonsense about the destruction of Traditional Marriage, with hand-waving and angstful expressions, but nothing concrete.

Besides, these people don't want to save Traditional Marriage anymore than I want to save the Traditional right of parents to have their daughter's clitoris cut out with a rusty knife in the name of keeping them chaste. Or am I confused and they really are working to return women who marry to the legal status of the man's personal property, stripped of franchise, freedom of movement, and the right to determine her own destiny. Traditional Marriage, if you've looked at it historically at all, is a civil contract ensuring property stays in the family and validating the legitimate heirs of same. (Am I remembering properly, celyn100?) Time was you couldn't even get married at church! Then they relented and started to let people use the porch; and then like the camel's nose worked their way inside and are now claiming not just to have been there all along but to have invented the institution! Ah well.

Finally I've decided I must class political beliefs with religious beliefs in terms of personal serenity. Some ideas in both categories go so far beyond defying logic that it seriously bothers me, and the only answer to that is just file it under 'People believe/espouse some weird stuff," or I'll burn out what's left of my brain trying to find some arcane angle from which the whole thing makes sense. Can't be done, so into the box it goes, along with Step 2 from the South Park underwear gnomes.