October 14th, 2008


Three things to make me dance with glee!

  • Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize!

  • I find a huge box of Lion Brand yarn at Big Lots! for $1.50 a skein! Score!! Now to find if I really do have that crochet needle with me in my stuff somewhere, or if I need to rustle one up.

  • Finally, Katherine Neville is releasing a sequel to The Eight called The Fire. Neville writes brilliantly the sort of novel Dan Brown claimed to have written in The Da Vinci Code - and I hate that constant comparison, because it gives Brown far too much undeserved press/name dropping, but it is what it is - intrigue, mysticism, powerful arcane artifacts, secret cabals, wheels within wheels within wheels. If you are fond of that sort of thing give yourself a treat and check her work out.

    [updated to add]
    P.S. She will be at Powell's Beaverton on October 23rd & Third Place Books in Seattle on November 12th. She will be a half a dozen places in CA none of which I have any idea if they are even remotely near where I am as well, but these things can and will be ascertained.