September 30th, 2008


progress report

Well, I've been quiet quiet quiet but it's mostly a facade. Behind the usual staid mien and the almost-permanent-at-this-point temporary scaffolding there has been a fairly steady rate of remodeling since around the end of April. We are finally getting some of the structural elements seated in their foundations despite the owner's tendency to want to run off and fiddle with rococo and baroque details and fidgets instead of focusing on the work in main.

Recently we began work on the bedrooms; some have expressed surprise that it took so long while others remain skeptical that the plans as currently drawn could structurally support that type of addition. However, as the latter tend to be the critics who express amazment at evidence of the plans resembling anything beyond the most pedestrian of bungalows (o mi god, you have a fireplace! with a chimney! You don't look like the sort to have a fireplace! I can't believe it!) we will allow their opinions to roll off our backs. Indeed, the new wing (it can only be called such) has afforded the owner a remarkable sense of freedom and well-being. The news that such a grand undertaking was even possible, desirable, and above all an incredible enhancement to the overall archetectural balance is something the owner can still turn to with delight.

The trick is of course prying the owner out of her fascination with the new bits and making her maintain her focus on the project at large.