July 25th, 2008


San Juan Capistrano

mcjulie & paulcarp and I went to the Mission at SJC today, entirely on a whim. They kindly stopped by for a visit, and we were having lunchish thoughts when we saw the road sign for San Juan Capistrano and decided to go.

The highway up the mountains climbs up and winds around enough to be genuinely scary, if only because the view of the lake is so cool that the driver needs nerves of steel to keep the required focus on the road. I wasn't aware that SJC was up in the hills, but I'm certain to be confusing it with some other San-something-something on that count.

We paid our (eminently reasonable compared to LegoLand's $70) $9 to get in and strolled about the grounds for several hours. I took a number of pictures with my phone, but the battery has to recharge before I can upload them. We'll see how they turn out.

It was a fantastic afternoon, and a very nice visit. We've penciled LegoLand in for a later date, perhaps next year. I managed to remain collected on my First Big Outing after three months, but I am tired. In a good way, tho.
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