April 7th, 2008


guarded optimism

Laptop somehow somewhat less toast than originally thought - it's back to doing what I need it to do, despite not receiving the optimal repair suite (at ~$900 a bit more than I have lying around at the moment, alas). So semi-hooray.

I find myself distressingly dependent on the damn thing for a sense of personal space. Mentally, that place where you can relax because you know where everything is, and it is familiar and safe-feeling? Apparently mine is largely mental and involves the head-space I inhabit while using my computer than my particular physical location. I felt more "at home" sitting in the lounge of the Rainforest Writers Retreat with my laptop than I did sitting here in my house without it. *raises eyebrow* If home is where the heart is, apparently my heart is a small black machine.

cjot, uly and I went to see the Golden Compass last night at the Admiral Theater. We came in a touch late, but we all knew the story ahead of time, I think. On the whole, I have to say I liked it - I certainly enjoyed it, although some of the battle scenes went on a bit long for my taste. (How much footage of CGI things whacking on each other do we really need? My appreciation for mano a mano has been found wanting.) I may have been less fidgety (and therefore critical) on a different day. It was a beautiful movie, all of the trappings and machines and accouterments had a lovely steampunk esthetic. (If they ever make a movie of any of China Mieville's New Crobuzon they should hunt these folks back for the design team.) The film also stuck to the book fairly faithfully, as I remember it. I don't recall hearing (and haven't yet gotten around to looking it up) whether there was enough box office revenue for them to continue on with making movies of the further books/story.

With luck I'll get some word on my housing situation today. Of course realizing that this would mean needing to be packed & moved by the end of the month has thrown me into panic mode. But it's not as dire as it seems, since as it stands right now we will have the house at least thru May. I'll probably be looking to hire some help in the not-too-distant future for bale-toting and van-driving. More as it happens.