March 16th, 2008


Spring, and one's thoughts turn...

to Talebones.

Please note the spelling! Nothing sordid here, at least not since [redacted]. It was all perfectly above board, and besides I was in another county. Ahem. Let us turn our thoughts rather to the axiom that there is no better way to celebrate the vernal advent than with a subscription to Talebones magazine for yourself, or perhaps the significant other(s) in your life.

Talebones is a well put-together semi-pro magazine published and edited by Patrick Swenson, aka tbclone47 & owner of Fairwood Press. Since 1995 it has consistently presented thoughtful and innovative science fiction, dark fantasy and poetry.

Special note: mcjulie has a story coming out in #37; jimvanpelt has stories in #36 & #37.

Also of note, issue #36 has A GIANT ROBOT ON THE COVER! Even more exciting is the paragraph written by me in the letters column.

Wait, I may have those last two items reversed in order. In any case, you can support small press and enjoy some fine stories for the eminently reasonable price of $7 an issue, singly or by the handful. The Talebones website takes PayPal, or there is a .pdf form to print and mail in if you prefer.
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