March 9th, 2008


two things I forgot to mention last week

RIP Gary Gygax - I started a longer post on this but decided against actually putting it up. The short version is he is someone I can definitely say changed my life. He's on a very short list, there - especially considering he isn't anyone I knew personally. Without D&D or AD&D, and the legion of tabletop F & SF games they spawned, and the related video games, comics, and eventual sprawling subculture (PAX, anyone) I wouldn't be as outgoing as I am, for example. (Don't laugh - I'm serious. RPGs taught me I could talk to people, and in some ways how to talk to people.) So it's fair to say I really do mourn his passing; my life is far better than it could be because of him.

On a happier note, the second item is that Iain M Banks new SF novel Matter is not only out (hurrah!) but got a really nice illustrated review in Time Magazine - discovered for me by my mom, who subscribes. It appears to be posted at Time Online, too. I am excited to see him getting some publicity here in the US. I'd love to see him in person, but I don't know if he's gotten his passport again. (He tore it up in protest of Tony Blair and the Iraq war.)

back from RWV

I'm back from Lake Quinalt and the writer's retreat. I wrote a fair bit, out of which I will cop to about ten good words. You begin to see why I tend to self-identify as a poet.

I also worked on a couple of short story fragments I'd started then let lie for a year or so. The good part of that was enough time had passed for me to read them quasi-objectively and I thought they sounded pretty good. The not-so-good part was having forgotten where the hell I had been going to go with them, not having appended any notes or the like. I can figure it out; they'll go where they are meant to - but I've also started keeping better reference notes for that sort of thing.

It was a grand time, I got to put faces to names and meet new people (many of whom are here on LJ). The weather was decent, the scenery was gorgeous, the conversations were magnificently wide-ranging and entertaining, and unless a meteor falls on my head or something equally dire prevents me, I plan to return next year.