January 9th, 2008


yesterday: ups and downs

I'm still fairly emotionally volatile - there's an understatement, and if I am honest I doubt the mood swings will ever go away completely.

So when I received a lovely pair of socks from tani_chick I was elated; I'm still elated because they are warm and soft, and wearing them yesterday when I was out and about it was the first time my feet hadn't been freezing since last October. Plus they are a beautiful deep purple color.

Accordingly as well, I was really sad to hear that an acquaintance/friend is moving back to Florida. Not for a year or so, but still. (Like I said, emotionally volatile.) Not only is that a ways away, but people do manage to keep in touch (hi quixoticfish *waves*) using things like, well, LJ.

Had a good session with Andrea - they've been flying by, I feel like I need an extra hour or something. It feels like I've barely opened my mouth and started talking when it's already time to go. She's moved into a new office (Still at the DBT Center, but now she has more windows and more space, and cool new furniture.) which is also a little unsettling.

Then at IOP we had the monthly DUI Victims Panel of speakers. That's people who have been involved in a drunk driving accident, coming to tell a room full of alcoholics/addicts in treatment about what happened to them. It was pretty intense. One of the women who spoke was someone whose case I had read about in the news at the time - she was hit by a drunk driver who pinned her to a van, then backed up and ran into her again three more times! The driver had no recollection of anyone being there, she just knew she'd hit something and thought it was someone's bumper; she was just trying to get away. *boggle* Now granted, it's probable that the only reason I don't have a DUI is because I don't drive, but still. Overall it was an experience I'm glad I had, but I'll be just as happy if I don't ever end up attending another one.

So that was yesterday. Today promises to be a little more mellow, I hope. Make some phone calls, take delivery of some groceries, go to a meeting this afternoon or evening.