January 7th, 2008


this & that

Finally managed to get my phone headset - not the model I set out to get, but the upgrade. Headset 2.0 - er, BT5020 rather. Now I've found instructions on how to turn off the vibration notification, but what I want is to turn off the beep and just have the vibration when the phone rings... There ought to be a way to do that, eh? The manual is clearly cut-and-paste from earlier model's manuals, and not all the pasting got done properly. The price of localization? Jabra is/was a US company, but GN (who bought them) is Danish. Or merely a byproduct of re-purposing?

Theoretically Mom and I are going out to lunch this afternoon. I only put it like that because the forecast is for snow showers, at least according to WeatherBug. NOAA just says showers, unmarked and so almost certainly merely rain. Then IOP toinight. Today is 30 days for me.

Oh, and my glasses were so easily fixed that I completely forgot to finish the story. I was afraid they would have to send them off somewhere, but no. 10 minutes and they had them restrung and back to me. I am glad I didn't try anything to fix them myself - the guy who checked them in was mentioning that people will superglue the lenses back into the frame, and then they can't be restrung/repaired. Oops. Thankfully I didn't even think of it.

22 days until my Torchwood DVDs arrive, supposedly. Tick tick tick tick....