January 3rd, 2008


those damn numbers

faintheart and I heard Bowling for Soup's version of 1985 on the radio the other day, and I was enchanted. Or maybe it would be better to say entirely too sympathetic with Debbie as discussed in the lyrics. Granted, I never planned to shake my ass on the hood of Whitesnake's car, but I just put down a copy of Time magazine which also mentioned in passing something about how "kids today" know Ozzie Ozbourne as a tv star rather than a touring musician. If Time manages to pick up on it, it's got to be pretty common cultural currency.

I could care less about needing to write 41 in the spot labeled age on forms. But just exactly when did Motley Crue become classic rock? Actually, I noticed as far back as high school that there seemed to be roughly a 20-year cycle: the 60's were "classic" in the 80's, the 80's are "classic" in the aughts. People hit middle age, get nostalgic for their lost youth, and their kids pick up on it and steal their old clothes. Or something like that...

I tell you though, the term 'New Wave oldies' just sounds wrong.

(So what if the main ringtone on my phone is Gary Numan's Cars.)
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It's the wrong damn headset - it isn't wireless. It's my fault, the copy wasn't clear and it wasn't one of the models I'd looked at when we were at Frys, but I didn't let that stop me. Confound it. I'll return it and get a proper wireless one, probably tomorrow. Right now I'm going to take a nice bath in an effort to get un-frustrated enough to finish my homework for group tonight. Bah.