January 2nd, 2008



Just a few minutes ago, my glasses went *sproing* and one of the frame-wires broke. At least my contacts behaved reasonably and went in without fuss. The irksome thing is I was just down in Westlake mall, even going so far as to sit for a while on the bench in front of the Lenscrafters I patronize. Okay, fine, I'll go back tomorrow or the next day. The frames I have are those sort of half-frames, which means there is a groove cut into the bottom of the lens in which resides a clear plastic-looking wire which 'invisibly' holds the lens into the frame. That's what came loose and is no longer holding the lens up. Fortunately I noticed before the lens fell out and got lost or damaged.

So I was down at the mall to spend my Lush gift certificate, and the really cool thing is that they are having a 2-for-1 sale to clear out their old stock, so I got about twice as much stuff as I would have otherwise. Gave me a chance to try out some of the shampoos and conditioners that I have been eyeing. Things seem to be going pretty fast, though, at least at the Westlake store. Much of the soap is even 3-for-1, so if you like their soap now is the time to get some. That they seemed to have a fair amount of left.

Actually I feel pretty accomplished; I completed all of the errands I had planned to do and still made it home with a few hours to decompress before I head off to the Magic Works Alumni meetings tonight at Highline.