October 17th, 2007


books finished

The Dark: new ghost stories, ed. Ellen Datlow
In the introduction, Datlow asserts she wished to present a set of exclusively scary ghost stories, nothing heartwarming. I'm a bad metric, since what I find scary isn't always consistent, nor congruent with the bell of the curve. But I would grant that she accomplished her task by the second criteria, most definitely. The only warmed hearts here are those actually in conflagration. I found the collection because it contains a Daniel Abraham story; "An Amicable Divorce" wasn't my favorite story, but the characters are brilliantly drawn. My favorites would have to be "Limbo" by Lucius Shepard, "The Dead Ghost" by Gahan Wilson (it isn't illustrated, but I could see it drawn out in his iconic style as it played thru my head), and "Seven Sisters" by Jack Cady. All the stories were worth the reading, and some had nicely unusual takes on the notion of ghost. Recommended.

The Menopause Diet by Larrian Gillespie
Diet books are usually anathema, and I forget why I decided to look at this one, except maybe to see how off- or on-the-wall what she recommended was. I didn't end up pitching the book across the room, which is actually a pretty positive recommendation here. Most of her advice sounds reasonable, and she provides an extensive bibliography of her references.

In the queue: Steven Pinker's Blank Slate, M. John Harrison's Nova Swing, and Caitlín R. Kiernan's novelization of the screenplay for the Gaiman/Avery Beowulf.
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