September 27th, 2007



Last night faintheart and I watched the premiere episode of the re-made Bionic Woman. I can't say as I'm totally hooked, but it was reasonably well done, and I enjoyed watching it. Part of the fun might have been playing "spot the Battlestar Galactica alum" - David Eick is one of the executive producers, so it isn't that strange, just amusing. Katee Sackhoff and Aaron Douglas have early roles, and Mark Sheppard is a major character. It was nice to see Miguel Ferrer involved as well.

I used to watch the original series of the Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man both when I was a kid, and I recall playing/pretending to be bionic pretty regularly. So it's nice to see the remake turn out at least decently. And as vital as it was to our game-playing as kids, I'm just as glad to hear they've abandoned the cheesy 'bionic powers activating' sound effect. So I can forgive them naming their hand-wavy ultra-miniaturized body-altering machines after a type of coal. Ok, ok - it's really just a homophone: anthrocytes is the spelling given on the website, and while that does translate as "human cell(s)" it's just too bad I heard anthracites every single time. I guess 'nanites' had already been snapped up by the Jake 2.0 folks.

We also caught up on the third episode of Torchwood, which was excellent as always.