September 15th, 2007


Seattle bus people - heads up

The next round of transit changes go into effect on the 22nd of September, and there are quite a few re-routes on the list. The downtown transit tunnel is reopening, so a number of routes will be moving back there during the day, and only traveling on 3rd Ave. at night. The 54 and 55 will be moving to the surface of 3rd as well, and will no longer run on 1st, 5th or Union - inconvenient for me, but I will live.

Metro has a Rider Alert page on the changes, and there is also a list of changes by route number. Sound Transit has a rider alerts page with changes to ST routes, although you have to scroll down past the football re-routes to find the September changes. Theoretically the Metro trip planner data base has been updated, so if you enter a date after the 22nd it should take into account the new information - but I haven't tried it yet so I can't say for certain.