September 11th, 2007


books read

Dancing Girls - Margaret Atwood
Short stories. This is what I get for not writing this up right after I'd read it, I know I'm confusing it with other things I've read. So I'll just note that I've read it, which is half of why I started doing this thing with the tag.

The Robber Bride - Margaret Atwood
I enjoyed this quite a bit, although it was sort of creepy in a self-referential way in spots. Not all of the mysteries were sorted out to the satisfaction of my curiosity at the end, but it works nevertheless. A very, very faint hint of The Witches of Eastwick, but that's quite probably just me.

Into the Storm - Suzanne Brockmann
Into the Night - Suzanne Brockmann
A couple more of the Troubleshooter romantic thrillers. I have to wonder about the titles - it's easy for me to confuse "Into the [X]" with "Out of the [Y]" and most of them seem to be along that line.