September 1st, 2007


LiveJournal auto-post

Nobody's Watching got a mention on Slashdot. Seems it's back in development (at NBC) after garnering attention on YouTube...

Eternal September or no, this sort of thing that makes me homesick (in a Biafra/Nixon "nostalgia for an age that never existed" kind of way.)
Games and gaming - can't deny it.
Garlic - good for what ails you.
Green - my favorite color.
Gouda - the power of my city-roaming thong*-clad feet to inspire terror and loathing.

*aka flip-flops, I'm not really in the habit of podiatric lingerie.

reading; read.

Gone Too Far in Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series. This is the one where Sam and Alyssa get together. She juggles a growing cast of characters with a pretty deft hand. We seem to be getting more story as the series progresses, although I can't really say there is less sex. Imagine if Tom Clancy wrote romance novels, and you might get the flavor I'm trying to describe.

Talebones #35 arrived yesterday just as I was casting about for something new to read. My hands-down favorite story was Hayden Trenholm's Iron Ties, with Patricia Russo's The Old Husband's Tale a very close second. I really must remember to submit some poems; I thoroughly enjoyed Unusual Employment Opportunities by G.O. Clark.