August 6th, 2007



LUSH has discontinued my favorite bath bomb, Ne Worry Pas. I knew I should have gotten more than two when I placed my last order. Not that it would have stopped them discontinuing it, but I'd have some on hand still. At least there are other continuing citrus/bergamot items. And the Avobath is green, you can't beat that.

I placed an order the other day that should be showing up this week, after which I will have tried all the bath bombs currently available. Maybe after that I'll post some reviews. Hmm, I have to wonder - is obsessively posting about LUSH better or worse than constantly posting Stories About My Cat in terms of internet annoyances?

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Any questions?

(Those are two ends of the same couch, but by the time I went to take a 3rd photo showing the entire tableau, Xiombarg had uncurled herself from the standard Toque position and moved into the 3rd Inquisitive mode.)