March 19th, 2007


(no subject)

A snag in my plans for the single pattern contest for Norwescon: I had forgotten exactly how irresistible pattern tissue-paper is to cats. I laid part of the pattern down on the floor to measure it, looked away, and when I looked back the cat had teleported herself into the middle of it, and was merrily flailing about, making crinkle-noises and then jumping after them. She would pause at my anguished cry of "no!" but refused to be budged from her splayed out position of wild-eyed delight, though luckily she kept her claws retracted.

I managed to remove her after 20 minutes or so without damage to any of the parties concerned, by dint of distracting her with the measuring tape. But it certainly means I won't be doing any pattern-cutting on the floor. Thus I am required to re-think my strategy for cutting the pieces out, and my new plans will have to account for making use of the much smaller table-top area available to me. Fortunately I think I have arrived at a workable plan.

Cats: the sewing antimatter.