January 26th, 2007


cats as parentheses

Had to make a separate friends group for cat_macros because there are too damn many of them.

I also just finished blowing thru the next six volumes of JMS scripts, making nine, and encompassing what has been released so far. Leaving me torn between how much I enjoyed revisiting Babylon 5, and the anguish of thinking I'll never be able to write anything like that.
Fortunately it's a short-lived anguish, as I realize my strength lies at a smaller scale. I admire the hell out of people who can do the epic scope, and especially people who can pepper their epic scope with details, foreshadowing and verisimilitude the way Straczynski does. But at the roots, I'm a poet, and the language will steal me away from the story every time.
It's why I suck at Scrabble in spite of having a vocabulary the size of a Mac truck: I find myself preferring words I think are cool with six tiles for about as many points, while my opponents are making three letter words that cross-sect to make additional words as well as hitting all the right squares to net them 30-50 points a turn.
Besides, as I've mentioned before, I have trouble with orders of magnitude. I can't get too epic-sized without losing track and making a fool of myself.

My cat snores. She also seems to dream a good deal more as she has aged - or maybe she just shows it more.